B.E. Smith

Led by highly tenured, former senior healthcare executives, B.E. Smith brings direct experience and knowledge to find leaders who are prepared to take on your healthcare challenges.

Interim & Leadership Search Services

B.E. Smith is a strategic partner uniquely equipped to engage and secure quality talent across the continuum from managers to executives.

A leadership opening can be an opportunity to re-engineer processes and re-energize your team. We work in collaboration with our clients and our candidates to ensure we are placing and supporting the right people in the right place at the right time. They consistently improve clinical, financial, and operational performance, as well as reduce disruption and enhance the patient experience.

  • Reduce disruption and stabilize

  • Improve financial and operational performance

  • Assess issues and rebuild

  • Mentor and train

  • Fill a temporary vacancy

  • Develop succession planning strategies

interim average days to present

retained average days to close

interim engagements & executive placements in 2019




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